Engineering & Computer Science

  • The Engineering & Computer Science educational program introduces students to the wonders of the world of engineering and computer science through 13 active, hands-on courses. Courses offered include 7 Project Lead the Way (PLTW), 3 Computer Science and 4 Engineering courses, as well as 6 other courses in engineering skills. Engineering & Computer Science students become involved in creative problem-solving activities by researching, designing, constructing, and testing solutions to real-world problems.

    The Engineering Concentration is a four-year program that can culminate in a capstone project examining one of the challenges we face as our society considers colonization of Mars. Minimum of fifteen (15) credits in Engineering & Computer Science classes to qualify for the Capstone class. This project will include a model, a research paper, oral defense of the topic, and an electronic component of the presentation (e.g. website, film).