Library Media Center

  • Hawthorne Brook Library Media Center Vision

    The vision of the Hawthorne Brook Library Media Center is to enhance the quality of student lives and to contribute to their becoming life-long learners who can locate, evaluate, use, and create information. Each student will have the skills, knowledge, and confidence necessary to be successful participants in a democracy.

    Hawthorne Brook Library Media Center Mission

    Our mission is to ensure that students and staff are effective users of information and ideas. The mission is accomplished by providing:

    • Collaboration with other educators to design learning strategies to meet the needs of individual students
    • Instruction to foster competence and stimulate interest in reading, viewing, and using information and ideas
    • Intellectual and physical access to materials in all formats
    • A program with the appropriate staff, budget, and facility that meets the information literacy needs of the school community

     HB Library Media Center Policies

    The HB Library Media center is shared by students and staff. We encourage you to make frequent use of it. Whether you are looking for a biography, a mystery, or information about a far away place, you can find something here. Our Library Media Center has over 13,000 books and magazines.
    1. The library is a calm quiet room—keep voices low.
    2. Respect the rights of others to read and work.
    3. Respect your Library’s resources, furniture and computers.
    4. Be responsible—arrive with a purpose—to read, to checkout materials, to use the computers or to look for information.
    5. Be tolerant of the differences among us.

    Loan Periods
    Books and periodicals circulate for a period of two weeks. Some reference materials circulate for one week or overnight.

    Student Checkouts
    To check out a book you must first enter your student ID number into the computer and see your name, before scanning in the book’s barcode number on the back. Students can checkout up to five items provided they have no overdue items.

    Book Returns
    Place the book on the Return shelf on the circulation desk.
    Books must be scanned into the computer in order to remove them from your name. Do not put books on the rolling book cart that have not been checked in. They will be put back on the shelves and they are still under your name!

    Student Sign-in and Hall Passes
    Up to three students can attend the library from a class with a pass. Students are required to sign-in at the circulation desk in the sign-in notebook. Students must also check in with an adult upon entering the library. Computers may not be used without adult supervision and students may not remain in the library unless an adult is present. 


    Student assistants, parent, and community volunteers help with the day to day operations of shelving returns, assisting students in finding things, check-ins and check-outs, and help with processing new materials. Your presence allows students more attention and is greatly appreciated. Adults need to have an updated CORI (security check) to be in the school.