Chromebook Loan Program FAQ

  • If purchasing a Chromebook ourselves instead of borrowing from the district, what are the recommended specifications?

    Posted by Jeremy Hamond on 7/22/2020

    The district requirements are minimal so any Chromebook capable of running a current version of the Chrome OS software and has a built-in camera will be compatible with the systems used by the district.  Any new, not used, Chromebook on sale will meet these requirements. 

    The Chrome OS software that runs the Chromebook will auto-update until it reaches the expiration date identified by Google.  If you are considering purchasing a used or refurbished Chromebook, I suggest you check the expiration date for that model first.  More details and a list of expiration dates by make/model can be found here:

    Other options you may want to consider if purchasing a Chromebook yourself are:

    • Some children benefit from a touch screen
    • Monitors that can fold flat or wrap around tend to be less likely to be broken
    • Education editions, which are offered by some companies, tend to be designed for more physical durability
    • Most Chromebooks have 11-inch monitors but some manufactures do offer 14-inch monitor options
    • Models with extra memory, hard drive space, and processor speeds are available but are not required for school use.  

    The starting cost for a new Chromebook can be under $200 depending on what features you are looking for.  

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  • How do we request support if a Chromebook assigned to a student needs to be repaired?

    Posted by Jeremy Hamond on 7/21/2020

    Repair requests for Chromebooks provided through the NMRSD Chromebook Loan program can be emailed to  

    Please include in the email:

    • The Asset ID for the Chromebook, which can be found on the label on the underside of the Chromebook beginning with CB_.
    • The name of the student the Chromebook is loaned to, as indicated on the label on the from the cover of the Chromebook
    • The school the student attends
    • The grade level of the students
    • A brief description of the issue you are experiencing

    The email must come from an email address associated with a contact on the student's school record or the student's account.  

    Families may be responsible for the repair or replacement costs for Chromebooks damaged or lost as defined in the Chromebook Loan Parent and Student Agreement.

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  • Can a Chromebook be borrowed through the summer for district summer programs or makeup work?

    Posted by Jeremy Hamond on 7/21/2020

    Yes, once assigned to a student, the Chromebook will remain assigned to that student until they graduate, withdraw from the district, requires a replacement, or is requested for return by a district administrator for a currently unforeseen reason.  This includes summer and holiday use provided it falls within acceptable use as stated in the NMRSD Chromebook Loan Parent and Student Agreement.

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  • How do we log into a Chromebook borrowed from NMRSD?

    Posted by Jeremy Hamond on 7/21/2020

    NMRSD Chromebooks can be logged into using the student's district-provided Google Apps  & Email account.  

    All student Google accounts are formated as 2 digits of their graduation year, their last name, followed by their first name, followed by  For example, if John Doe graduates in the year 2021, his email address will be

    All student email addresses provided by the district are limited to communicating only with other emails and select approved district resources.  

    District provided student email addresses and related Google Apps access are disabled after the student's graduation or withdrawal from the district.  

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  • Is there a way for parents to receive updates regarding classwork associated with Google Classroom?

    Posted by Jeremy Hamond on 7/21/2020

    Google Classroom has a “Guardian Email Summaries” feature that allows parents to receive regular updates regarding missing work, upcoming work, and class activity associated with Google Classroom. The guardian email summaries feature is managed on a per Google Classroom basis and initiated by a teacher associated with the individual student through a Google Classroom.

    As a teacher, to initiate guardian email summaries:

    1. Go to the applicable Google Classroom
    2. Go to the Student tab
    3. Click on the slider button on the left to enable Guardian email summaries for the class
    4. Click on the “Invite Guardians” button to the right of the individual student’s name
    5. Enter the guardian’s email address then click “Invite”
    6. An email will be sent automatically to the guardian, which they have 120 days to accept, allowing them to confirm their desire for Guardian emails and configure their desired settings.

    Google Classroom Guardian Email Summaries information, from the guardian’s perspective, can be seen at:

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  • How can I access Google extensions and bookmarks that I use at school from a personal device?

    Posted by Jeremy Hamond on 7/21/2020

    Both staff and students are able to sync a Google Chrome browser on their home computer with their district account if they wish.   This will sync bookmarks and pick up extensions pushed out by the district.

    Directions to turn Chrome Sync on and off:

    It is also suggested that you periodically make sure Chrome is up to date for compatibility with all the extensions and features.

    Directions to make sure Chrome is up to date:

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  • Can a student's district email be used to log into a personally owned Chromebook?

    Posted by Jeremy Hamond on 7/21/2020

    District provided student emails are Google Apps account that can be used to log onto personal Chromebooks as well as district-owned Chromebooks or synced with any Google Chrome browser.  If a student uses their district email to log onto a personal Chromebook or Google Chrome browser, they will have access to any bookmarks and Chrome extensions that they use on district Chromebooks.  

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  • May I borrow a district Chromebook for my student who is home schooled, attending a local private or vocational school, or attending a collaborative program?

    Posted by Jeremy Hamond on 7/21/2020

    We are currently limited to offering Chromebooks to students who are actively attending one of the seven (7) North Middlesex Regional School District managed schools or the NMRSD Gateway Program.

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  • What is considered to be a "compatible device" for home use with any programs teachers may ask my student to access from home?

    Posted by Jeremy Hamond on 7/21/2020

    A Chromebook, laptop, or desktop computer capable of running an updated Google Chrome web browser is recommended.   It does not matter if you are running a Chrome OS, Windows, Apple, Linus, or alternative operating system since most district resources are purely web-based.

    Built-in or attached keyboards, web cameras, speakers, and a microphone (typically included on any web camera), are also necessary in order to support remote learning and collaboration.  Most Chromebooks and laptops will have these built-in but a desktop computer may need them attached separately.  

    Tablets may be an acceptable option for some students but most are more comfortable with one of the other options.  

    An alternative web browser may be used if preferred, provided compatibility with Google products including Google Meet and Google Classroom.

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  • Will newer models be available when assigned Chromebooks become too old?

    Posted by Jeremy Hamond on 7/21/2020

    Families with older model Chromebooks assigned will be contacted by the NMRSD Technology department when it is reasonable to anticipate that the assigned Chromebook(s) may become incompatible with websites and systems used by district classes.   When this happens, families will be offered to return the existing assigned Chromebook and charger for each applicable student and be assigned a newer model Chromebook and charger.  

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