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Summer Math

Summer Math 2024

Dear Families,


Learning math is a lot like learning a sport; you have to practice to improve your skills. Students, especially teenagers, want a summer packed with fun, and typically academics aren’t on the list of to-dos for the summer break. However, there are things every student can do over the summer to strengthen retention (and yes, they can be fun) in order to prevent losing the days and days of hard work they’ve already put into math during the past school years.


This is not a requirement, but rather a valuable opportunity to keep your child’s math skills honed throughout the summer. We highly recommend that your child work on one of the math websites listed below at least once a week in July, and at least twice a week in August.  A routine of a dedicated time or times each week would work best. This will prepare them for a great start to the school year!


Free Summer Math Programs Online

Khan Academy - Review material covered in the previous year of mathematical study:

Grade 4 Course Grade 7 Course

Grade 5 Course Grade 8 Course

Grade 6 Course

General Math Activities

Rainy Day Board Games that Math Teachers LOVE and you might already have!!

  • Monopoly (be the banker)                  Battleship

  • Life                                       Quirkle

  • Payday                                         Blokus

  • Sequence                           Yahtzee

  • Clue                                       Deal or No Deal?

  • Othello Cribbage