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Summer Math

Learning math is a lot like learning a sport; you have to practice to improve your skills. If you take three months off, you will get rusty. Students, especially teenagers, want a summer packed with fun, and typically academics aren’t on the list of to-dos for the summer break. But there are things every student can do over the summer (and yes, they can be fun) to prevent losing the days and days of hard work they’ve already put into math during the school year.

Parents can take an active role in helping students prevent the academic summer slide by encouraging them to observe and practice math in day-to-day activities, such as:

• Making learning an adventure by visiting science or art museums, libraries and places that stimulate critical thinking;

• Creating a summer budget or practice investing in the stock market;

• Planning the details for the family vacation such as determining the mileage of the trip, estimated time of arrival and amount needed for gas money;

• Practicing mental math by doing simple math percentages such as cost per unit during trips to the grocery store.

This is not a requirement, but rather a valuable opportunity to keep your child’s math skills honed throughout the summer. We highly recommend that your child work on the practice problems given through the IXL platform. All students already have school access to this site and have completed practice sets during the year. We suggest logging in at least once a week in July, and at least twice a week in August. A routine of a dedicated time or times each week would probably work best. This will prepare them for a great start to the school year!

Here are other online resources that we recommend:

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Math Playground:


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If you have any questions, please reach out via email:

Mrs. Young, Principal or Mrs. Anderson, Math Curriculum Coordinator