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Drop Off/Pick Up Procedures at SMS


To ensure a safe drop off and pick up each day, please review the Master List Map and instructions below.  We appreciate your cooperation in keeping the well-being of all children and staff members foremost in mind.

  • The Main Street/Rt. 119 entrance to the school’s front parking lot is blocked off.  The Turnpike Road entrance to the school’s front parking lot of the school is for master list drop-off and pick-up only from 8:45am-9:00am & 2:45 – 3:15pm.  Please do not park in the main lot during these hours. 

  • No student will be admitted to school before 8:45am, students need to remain in their cars until this time, not waiting at the front door.  The front door will be unlocked by school personnel when it is time for drop-off to begin and will be supervised by adults from Spaulding.

  • All drivers dropping off or picking up students must enter the school’s front parking lot from the Turnpike Road entrance, and then follow the one-way traffic path. They must pull up along the school entrance side as far as possible as directed by the staff outside.

  • Every family should have their Master List name card displayed on the driver’s side dashboard or side window; if an approved person is picking up your children they must have the carpool name card in their window and a picture ID available.  

  • All traffic must continue in a one-way direction, stopping only to allow children to enter and exit cars. Please watch school staff to pull up as far as possible to allow many students to enter or exit the vehicle at the same time.

  • Drivers should be extremely cautious, refrain from cell phone use, maintain a slow speed near the building and in the school parking lot and observe the No Smoking law for school grounds and respect the directions of the school staff.

  • Children must enter and exit cars on the left side (driver’s side) to avoid walking in between cars.  If it is a pick-up truck an adult must accompany them to the other side to enter the truck.

  • When waiting to drop off or pick up students, vehicles should pull as far forward in the line as possible as directed by school personnel. 

  • Cars are not to be left unattended while in the drop-off/pick-up traffic path.  Traffic must flow as quickly and efficiently as possible. Please work with your child to buckle their own seatbelt so adults do not need to get out of the car. 

  • If for any reason you need to park your car during the drop-off and pick-up hours you must park in the designated spots on Turnpike Road by the playground fence and walk to the front Whitcomb Street entrance; you may not park in the front or back parking lots.  

  • If you need to dismiss your child during the day for an appointment, please send in a note to his/her teacher and come to the office to release them.  After 2:50 pm parents will be expected to dismiss students using the outside procedure.  

  • You must send in a note to your child’s teacher letting them know your child will be on “Master List” to ensure that they are in the master list line and not the bus line.  Changes are not taken over the phone.

  • Cars cannot park in the main front lot, the back parking lot or in No Parking zones during this time.


Map of Drop off/Pick up Procedures