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i2 STEM Training Comes to Middle Schools

What have the amazing teachers from NMS and HBMS been doing over the summer? They have been working with the talented trainers from i2 Learning to prepare for Massachusetts STEM Week. During the third week of October, our students will participate in an immersive program that will transform our middle school into STEM learning labs. This week, teachers worked to solve real-world problems in a classroom where hands-on experimentation, critical thinking, and collaboration were encouraged. They will then use these teaching techniques to engage and inspire students. Teachers engaged in a variety of activities including: engineering a filter feeder, water quality testing, developing models of the Earth and moon, used cams and gears to build an automaton, designed a marble run using principles of potential and kinetic energy, as well as dissected a sheep's brain and heart. Our teachers can't wait to bring this program to our students! #awesomepd, #i2learningrocks, #massstemweek