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Information Regarding School Cancellations

Calling for a delayed opening or cancelling school due to inclement weather is not an easy decision or one that taken lightly.

When making this type of a decision, the Superintendent collaborates with our neighboring districts as well as the DPW in each of our member towns.

While he will rarely make the decision the night before (this is New England, and the forecast is often fluid), he will make the call by 5:15 am. Delays and cancellations will be posted on all major television networks and families listed in Aspen will receive a phone call and text message as well.

Usually, the decision is based on whether or not buses can run safely. With that being said, on the days when the road conditions are less than desirable, we encourage our students to take the bus. Keeping parents and student-drivers off the road will limit traffic. As a regional district, our students have the benefit of being guaranteed a seat on the bus.

In the end, we realize that regardless of the decision, some will disagree. If by chance a parent or guardian feels it is not safe for their child to go to school on a given day due to inclement weather, that is your prerogative as a parent or guardian and the absence will be excused provided a signed note stating such is brought to the school the next school day.