Is there a way for parents to receive updates regarding classwork associated with Google Classroom?

Posted by Jeremy Hamond on 7/21/2020

Google Classroom has a “Guardian Email Summaries” feature that allows parents to receive regular updates regarding missing work, upcoming work, and class activity associated with Google Classroom. The guardian email summaries feature is managed on a per Google Classroom basis and initiated by a teacher associated with the individual student through a Google Classroom.

As a teacher, to initiate guardian email summaries:

  1. Go to the applicable Google Classroom
  2. Go to the Student tab
  3. Click on the slider button on the left to enable Guardian email summaries for the class
  4. Click on the “Invite Guardians” button to the right of the individual student’s name
  5. Enter the guardian’s email address then click “Invite”
  6. An email will be sent automatically to the guardian, which they have 120 days to accept, allowing them to confirm their desire for Guardian emails and configure their desired settings.

Google Classroom Guardian Email Summaries information, from the guardian’s perspective, can be seen at: