If purchasing a Chromebook ourselves instead of borrowing from the district, what are the recommended specifications?

Posted by Jeremy Hamond on 7/22/2020

The district requirements are minimal so any Chromebook capable of running a current version of the Chrome OS software and has a built-in camera will be compatible with the systems used by the district.  Any new, not used, Chromebook on sale will meet these requirements. 

The Chrome OS software that runs the Chromebook will auto-update until it reaches the expiration date identified by Google.  If you are considering purchasing a used or refurbished Chromebook, I suggest you check the expiration date for that model first.  More details and a list of expiration dates by make/model can be found here: https://support.google.com/chrome/a/answer/6220366?hl=en

Other options you may want to consider if purchasing a Chromebook yourself are:

  • Some children benefit from a touch screen
  • Monitors that can fold flat or wrap around tend to be less likely to be broken
  • Education editions, which are offered by some companies, tend to be designed for more physical durability
  • Most Chromebooks have 11-inch monitors but some manufactures do offer 14-inch monitor options
  • Models with extra memory, hard drive space, and processor speeds are available but are not required for school use.  

The starting cost for a new Chromebook can be under $200 depending on what features you are looking for.